Crystal Meth Addicts Symptoms

Crystal meth is basically an illegal drug which is highly addictive.  The illegal drug can be taken orally, through injection, smoking, or through snorting.

It’s considered as one of the most addictive drugs in the market that come with devastating effects. The major effect of abusing meth is that it can lead to the addict being psychologically and physiologically dependent on meth.

Meth addicts are known to exhibit erratic behavior such as being withdrawn from friends and family and exhibiting aggressiveness. The drug is considered illegal everywhere around the globe because of its devastating side effects.

Crystal Meth Addicts

Common Symptoms

Meth addicts generally exhibit obsessive and hyperactive behavior that is without a doubt very dangerous to those who do not abuse the drug. Questions abound as to what signs a person should look for in meth addicts. Luckily, it’s very simple for a person to tell meth addicts from other individuals who are addicted to some other form of drugs. Crystal meth addicts generally exhibit violent behavior and tend to be incensed easily. Their health deteriorates gradually as they continue using the drug and becoming dependent on it. They lose all sense of time and become disinterested in many things. They also become withdrawn and take pleasure in their own solitude.

Euphoric feeling

Meth addicts have been known to be very active one moment and very inactive the other minute. This is because one of the side effects of meth is that it leads to hyperactivity and causing the addicts to do things which are in stark contrast to what non users do. Meth addicts can complete a simple task in seven hours as well as complete a very complex task in the shortest time possible. Meth addicts experience a euphoric feeling every time they take the drug and therefore tend to be happy when everyone else is in a somber mood. They lose all sense of time and feelings and as such become distant.

Meth addicts also prefer spending time by themselves. Some of them may get chicken pox and others illnesses which are caused by an allergy to the drug.

Crystal meth addicts experience interrupted sleep, are unpredictable, experience mood swings, experience suppressed appetite as well as convulsions. Meth addicts do suffer from a number of side effects such as irregular heart rate, increased blood pressure, prolonged anxiety, tremors, insomnia and paranoia.

Crystal Meth Addicts

Meth addicts are also known to have a tendency to entertain suicidal and homicidal thoughts due to high levels of depression. Meth addiction during pregnancy may lead to:

•           Birth defects

•           Premature births

•           Cleft palate

•           Heart defects

The long term effects for crystal meth addicts are devastating and life threatening. They include:

•           Brain damage

•           Coma

•           Death or stroke

•           Weight loss

•           Psychosis and hallucinations

•           Tooth decay

•           Heart diseases

•           Body sore from skin picking

It’s important however for individuals to treat crystal meth addicts as humans and not as outcasts. In that regard, they should take positive steps to help them get treatment from their addiction rather than looking at them as people who do not require any help.

Some crystal meth addicts never made a conscious decision to abuse meth and therefore the onus is on people to offer them with all the necessary support that they need.