Why Say No?


Methamphetamine, or crystal meth as it is more popularly known, is one of the most addictive stimulants in the market. It is crucial then, that people be educated about the short-term and long-term crystal meth effects.

Meth users gravitate to the drug for the heightened sense of bliss it provides. This is caused by a sudden rush of dopamine, the brain’s reward and pleasure neurotransmitter. Given the area of the brain it affects, it isn’t surprising that the first of the crystal meth effects to occur is the extremely addictive high that lasts six to twelve hours.

Another crystal meth effect

that might push people to indulge in meth is the effect it has on the sex drive. It increases drive and libido, something that is likely to be considered desirable. However, the intense need for sexual encounters often lead to more harm than good. People under the influence of meth are usually very aggressive and dangerous. Also, the chances of catching a sexually transmitted disease are extremely high among meth users – partly because plenty of them share needles when they inject the drug, and partly because of all the unprotected sex they have.

After the initial surge of pleasure though, comes the depression. Ironically, it’s this overwhelming low that keeps addicts reaching for more as they grow desperate to avoid feeling so down. Ironically, another crystal meth effect is to eventually wear down the part of the brain that releases dopamine. The reduced dopamine levels make it more and more difficult for users to experience any sort of pleasure the longer they rely on methamphetamine.

People who regularly take meth put their bodies through a lot. There are a lot of crystal meth effects that take a serious toll on the human body both internally and externally. The kidney fails to function properly, resulting in decreased urine flow and toxins being absorbed back in the blood stream.

Some crystal meth effects

include drastic personality changes such as violent and obsessive behaviour. Users are also known for their paranoia and delusions – it is very common for them to have experience the sensation of insects running underneath their skin. You’ll often see addicts scratching themselves relentlessly in an attempt to get rid of the irritants.

Scratching at the skin is one of the factors that causes the most shocking of the crystal meth effects – physical manifestations. Some of the marks of meth addiction in the appearance of the user are acne, slow-healing sores, aging skin and rotting teeth. The first few weeks of usage may also bring about weight loss, but as the body becomes more immune to crystal meth effects, it stops losing weight entirely. Poor diet that’s common in drug users may lead to more weight loss, but it often result to an unattractive, gaunt figure.

Other possible crystal meth effects include an increased heart rate, low resistance, diarrhea, muscle breakdown, convulsions and brain damage.

Awareness is the key to avoiding the harmful crystal meth effects, so just say no.