Crystal Meth Side Effects


Depending on the dosage and the frequency of ingestion, crystal meth’s effect can be as short as 2 hours to as long as 16 hours, with relapse and recurring side effects that can last up to a few days.

Directly observable crystal meth side effects include palpitations, excitement, profuse sweating, dryness around the mouth, agitation, irritability and insomnia.

Long- term use of crystal meth is dangerous. The risks are even greater when the user resorts to a form of crystal meth binging called “run,” or injecting the substance every 2 or 3 hours continuously for several days. A run is done by drug users to develop body tolerance for the substance and intensify its desired effects.

crystal meth side effects

Long-term crystal meth abuse can damage the dopamine-producing regions of the brain and serotonin nerve cells. This explains the abnormal shift in behavioral responses among meth addicts, manifesting in non-logical effects like violent behaviors, extreme lethargy, mania and paranoia (suspicion that someone is out to hurt him or her).

Risks associated with long-term crystal meth use include severe wasting or weight loss (users on a “run” may forgo eating and sleeping to enjoy the “high” they are experiencing from the substance), illogical repetition of motor activities (users feel hyper-energized and extra strong, leading them to obsessive or compulsive repetitions of their physical actions); and stroke for substance abusers who have cardiovascular problems.

There is also great danger for both the user and those around him (family members or friends) when the user is predisposed to mental illness.