Drugs abuse statistics


The abuse of drugs among teenagers is in declining in number. The only that is increasing in number of people abusing pain relievers. This is as a result of the assumption that, the drugs that are taken after prescription, they are not dangerous.

It is not known that they more addictive, and they have side effects that ere severe. Below are the drug abuse statistics on teenagers.


It is has been under the statics that, in the United States, the drinking cost is rated to be over $58 billion. This is yearly statics, which is evident that it is highly taken. 40% of the people who start, or started drinking at the age of 13, it is most likely that you will turn to be an alcoholic for the rest of your life. For the people who start the habit of drinking from the age of 17, become partly dependent on alcohol.

teenagers on drugsAccording to the drug abuse statistics, it is usually recorded that, a 10% of the youth who make to attend a rave end up taking alcohol and drugs. This is available in most cases, such that the percent of the two thirds of the raves have drug supply. This brings a high intake and supply of drugs. The people who are likely to attend this raves, become drug addicts. The raves are mostly organized for teenagers, thus, leading to an increase in the number of people taking in drugs.


Then, there is a 63% of the youth who engage in alcohol drinking, from their friend’s homes. This means that they form a network of friends who meet and take alcohol. It has been noted that, most of the youth die out of alcohol, than any other addictive drug. This should be brought to the attention of anybody who is a parent to a teenager. Care should be taken, and serious parenting should be considered.

There are a number of parents who take time to talk to their children on the danger posed by using drugs. This has been of great importance, because they are kept away from using the drug. 42% difference in the number of teenagers between the parents who talk to their kids about drugs, from those who don’t.


Teenagers taking drugsWhen the teenagers into drugs are asked about their drug taking and contact, they have said that the drugs are available in their school. They say that, the drugs are either kept, or sold in their school premises. This is 60% of the youths taking drugs.

It is reported that, 20% of the students in the 8th grade have confessed to trying marijuana. Then there is a 28% of students who know people who have tried out ecstasy. This shows that drug abuse in young people is really high.